Marcy Young is the proud mother of two children that she and her husband, Ira, are raising in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. She spends her days loving the family she has and feeling Grateful While Grieving. She has had to experience the fragility of life multiple times, first with the death of her dad when she was 10 years old, and then the death of her mom when she was 29 – while her first child was only 16 months old. She chooses to focus her days on the happiness and joy she gets from raising her kids – but admits there is a great deal of sadness and grief that comes with parenting when your own parents can’t be part of it.

Besides writing, she loves reading, baking, spinning, crafting with her kids and Pilates.

She spent 13 years in media sales, selling print, TV and digital advertising in the Cleveland, Ohio media market. The most important part of her life is the supportive relationships with people who take care of her heart.